Kendo tools/manufacturer/sales


Nishinihon Budogu is located in Fukuoka, the fifth largest city in Japan.
For over 40 years since our founding in 1983,
we have continued to create weapons suitable for Kendo,
which trains not only the body and technique, but also the "spirit".

Although our store is written in Japanese, we can ship worldwide.
In addition to authentic Japanese-made weapons,
we also carry a wide variety of items that are reasonably priced for beginners.

Purely domestic bamboo shinai

The Matake Shinai of Western Japan Budogu is made from pure Japanese Matake material that is extremely rare and valuable.
Our own brands ''JOSUI'' and ''Homare'' use Madake from Bungo,

Oita Prefecture, and Madake from Kyoto.
Every step from cutting down the bamboo to making it into a product is handmade one by one by craftsmen at a domestic factory.

About Josui
It means "flexibility and freedom that flows like water."

About Homare
Something worth being proud of. Also, to have a good reputation. honor.